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Work Ninja

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To-do lists and project management software applications are very handy tools for the professionals who want to become more productive, get more things done in less time, and keep their projects on the right track. In certain fields, people end up having to tackle the same work process over and over again. Having a task manager that could handle those types of tasks and keep you on track is a pretty smart decision. Work Ninja is just the app for the job.

Work Ninja is somewhere between a to-do list app and a project management solution. It allows you to break down your projects into 3 types (core, priority, and blocked) of tasks and go from there. This approach allows you to focus on tasks that you absolutely have to and not let other smaller tasks take your mind away from what’s important.

Work Ninja has a clean interface. It makes it easier for the pros to divide and conquer their complicated projects.  For a free application, it offers a lot of good thing. We would love to see more collaboration tools and features added to it. But this should still do as a task organizer.

Rating: 8.7/10

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