The Elements Flashcards for iPhone

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Chemistry is a sweet and beautiful science to learn and master. Not all of us have to deal with advanced chemistry on a daily basis. But you are going to need to know something about it to get a degree. Thanks to apps like the Elements, you can learn more about this science in less time. The app is very interactive and shows you why different elements matter. Elements Flashcards can also help you learn faster by testing your knowledge.


Elements Flashcards tests how much you know about the periodic table of elements. Can you identify chemical elements by looking at their symbol alone? Do you know the correct order for elements? Being able to at least guess what element you are looking at by its picture is important. Apps like this won’t make you a genius in chemistry, but they can help you prepare for tests and increase your knowledge of the periodic table of elements.


Elements Flashcards is a universal application. It challenges you in multiple way to see whether you can identify the elements. You can try the app for free.

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