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BallTune for iPhone

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Everybody is talking about soccer these days. It is hard to ignore this sport during the World Cup even if you are not a fan. The game is actually a lot of fun to play. You just need a decent field and a properly inflated ball. You could always figure out how well inflated your ball is with a pressure gauge. BallTune for iPhone can also help. It is a handy app that uses bouncing characteristics of your soccer ball to compute its pressure inside.


Regulation soccer balls need to be inflated to a certain level. Each ball you get will have its own recommended range of pressure. With this app, you can see whether your ball is properly inflated. It can tell you whether your ball is under-inflated or inflated for control, accuracy, or power. You just have to hold your phone, press “Tune” and drop the ball from above your head (see picture below). Film the ball as it hits the floor but make sure you don’t make a whole lot of noises during the process.

ball tune

How accurate the BallTune can be? It depends on how you use it. The developers its pressure accuracy is +/- 1 PSI. Make sure your ball bounces enough times and by itself. Do yourself a favor and crop your ball where there are no other objects on the way down. I probably prefer using a pressure gauge more, but the idea behind this app is very interesting.

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