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Free Pedometer

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If you own an iPhone and spend a lot of time talking on your phone, chances are you take your device almost everywhere you go. Your iPhone helps you keep your life organized and stay in touch with your friends and colleagues. It can also be used to track your daily activities and help you become more healthy. Free Pedometer is one of those apps that can help you find out how much energy you are burning each day. It certainly beats buying a separate pedometer.

Free pedometer may be free, but it does pack a punch. It can keep track of your steps, distance traveled, and the number of calories you have burned in the process. You won’t even have to run or jog for this app to work. One can easily change the behavior of this app from the settings page (shut-down, manual lock, …).

Free Pedometer may not be for advanced athletes, but it does the job for most people. It is compatible with iOS 4, but it will not support iPhone 4’s multi-tasking. It’d be nice if users could control music while using this app. Free Pedometer is a good choice if you don’t want to spend money on a pedometer app.

Rating: 8.1/10

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  • epramono

    I use it to measure my jogging this afternoon. I really like how the application is able to show me how many steps I've taken and how long I've been jogging. I know that it would be very difficult to get the exact number of steps (even when you've calibrated it) along with other data, such as calories burn, distance and speed, but overall I think the application has done quite a good job. After learning more about pedometer or manpo-meter (the original Japanese term), I think this application is very good for my health as I'm trying my best to achieve the ideal 10,000 steps a day.

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  • It is nice that free pedometers have very nice additional features calorie counter, distance counter, etc, but they are not very much accurate most of the time. That said, they are not for professional runners and casual runners can do with the amount of error.