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Vuvuzela 2010

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This year’s World Cup has been a historic one. It’s truly impressive what the country of South Africa has done as far as this World Cup’s organization is concerned. But the cup has not been without its controversies. Many people in the U.S. and Europe can not take the sweet sound of Vuvuzela. If you are a true soccer fan, you have probably heard horns and all kinds of noises in the past during live games. For some reason, Vuvuzelas have drawn out mixed emotions among soccer fans. Vuvuzela 2010 is a cool little app that is designed for those who want to play the sound loud and proud using their iPhone. How you use it comes down to your creativity.

Let’s face it. There is a time and place for Vuvuzelas. They definitely do have a place in this sport. As South Africans say, if the sound bothers you, try to outdo others with your own Vuvuzela. With this app, you can customize the look of your virtual Vuzuzela to match the color of your team. The noise can be used to create some of those priceless memories (if you play your cards right).

All in all, a very fun (albeit annoying) app to play with. Just do not expect Americans to accept Vuvuzelas during NFL games.

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