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10bII Business Calculator

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Those of you who have been lucky to be your own boss or work for a small business have probably had to deal with those business calculators from time to time. Finance professionals have to do it everyday. While there are plenty of decent physical calculators that you can pick up to tackle those finance and business problems, all you really need is a decent calculator app to transform your device into one. 10bII Business Calculator is such an app. It’s a solid business calculator app that saves you money and gives you the features you need to tackle your problems.

10bII Business Calculator has a very attractive interface and makes it easy to enter numbers without making mistakes. It has continuous memory and lets your view the content in your memory. It’s much more flexible than a physical calculator and saves you from the trouble of having to buy batteries on a consistent basis.

10bII Business Calculator’s behavior is easy to customize. You can modify the number of decimals, sound, and orientation options in the settings page. Last but not the least, this app is capable of handling all kinds of business problems:

  • Time value of Money
  • Amortization
  • NPV & IRR
  • Interest Conversion
  • Statistics
  • Logic

Those physical calculators will still be in demand. But 10bII Business Calculator gives you everything you need to tackle those finance problems using your iPhone. It’s a pretty solid business application.

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