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If you are using your iPhone as a business tool, you are always going to get a lot of e-mails from various sources to multiple accounts. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have one inbox to gather and manage all your business communications on your iPhone. That’s exactly what you get with Altamail. Altamail is a very solid business app for iPhone that lets you link multiple e-mail accounts to one inbox, print e-mail, save and manage your attachments all on your iPhone.

As a business owner, you are not going to have any extra time to waste. You wish you could have more hours in each day. With Altamail, you can simplify your mobile e-mail management process and save yourself some time. The app allows you print your e-mails and their attachments. The same applies to your contact list and the files that you have stored on iPhone. Saving and forwarding emails from your iPhone is not a problem either.

The app does all you to send all your files, photos, and messages on your phone. You can also view your history, which comes handy a lot in a small business. But perhaps the most useful feature in this app is the fact that you can receive emails from multiple accounts in one inbox. That’s extremely useful as you won’t miss any important e-mail, and you get to finish your work done in a more efficient fashion.


Altamail wouldn’t be complete without a decent printing functionality. The app allows you to print through your Mac or PC using your WiFi or 3G/Edge connection. You can also print your contacts one by one or as a list. You can also print shipping and address labels right from your phone.

All in all, Altamail is a very useful all in one business app for iPhone that helps you get your work done faster and save time in the process. You won’t have to miss any of those important e-mails again as long as you are using this app. Well wroth a try for small businesses.

Verdict: 9/10

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  • Dunromin

    Nice application but….
    I did not see how to launch a phone call from the contact page – (click on the phone number to dial)

    It would be nice if when in the contact page one could click on the address and launch Google maps for location and directions.

    Both of these features are available in the contacts application that come standard with the iPhone.

    • I agree. I’ll forward your suggestion to the developers.

  • Great app! Adding ability to attach files within the compose screen, which is not in the Native Mail App , is a great idea. Please add integration with Dropbox too so that while composing an email message I could pick up files from the cloud to attach to my message and save received attachments directly to the cloud.. Please also add push notifications, if it is a business mail app it should push the messages not fetch. And my final suggestion: making more beautiful app icon and polishing the interface which is not that elegant (important point for all iOS users because unlike android and blackberry users we DO ATTACH importance to elegance) Many thanks