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Astronomy – Oxford

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Astronomy applications for iPhone have made it much easier for beginners to find out more about the objects in our sky and get more out of their star gazing experiences. Premium astronomy apps let users point their phones to the sky and figure out what they are looking at (using their phone’s GPS technology). While these apps are fun to play with, sometimes you want to actually know what you are seeing and what they mean. That’s where Astronomy – Oxford Dictionary comes into play. It can serve as a powerful reference for anyone interested in learning more about the field of astronomy.

This Oxford dictionary covers astronomy, astrophysics, cosmology, and time-related topics. So whether you have a question about how the time works or want to find out more about red giants, this dictionary has you covered. Oxford’s dictionary of astronomy also covers biographical information for scientists and astronomers of the past.

This dictionary has over 4200 entries, covering various aspects of astronomy. It educates users on key topics such as dark matter, the big bang, and gravity. The index feature saves you time searching for certain topics. Facebook and Twitter are integrated too.

Astronomy – Oxford Dictionary is a must have tool for amateur astronomers. Even experienced astronomy fans can get some value out of this dictionary (as a reference tool). Looking at the heavens and tracking objects are fun. Having some background information can make your star gazing experience more gratifying. That’s what this app helps you with.

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