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Choosing a business to work with is not always easy. It is so easy to get burned by businesses you are new to, especially if you don’t check their reputation beforehand. Better Business Bureaus may not have information on all businesses but it should be the first place for consumers to start looking for red flags around a company they want to do business with. BBB Search lets you do your research online.

BBB Search supports search by name, phone, website, or business type. If you want to look for businesses all around you, you can use your city, state, or even zip code to do your search. BBB Search’s results include reviews for business listings plus their ratings and accreditation status. You probably want to pay more attention to the complaints part.

Once you have found the companies that you want to work with, you can favorite them for further research. BBB Search does show you the location of businesses on a map so you can find those closer to you more easily. BBB Search gives users access to a lot of useful information but it could use a more sophisticated search functionality. Still, it is a must use tool if you want to find good businesses to work with when you are on the move.

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