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Beer Timer

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Let’s face it. Nobody likes to have warm beer. It does not taste that well anyway. If you are planning to put your beer in your freezer, you want to at least make sure you keep an eye on it and don’t leave it inside for too long. Exploded beer cans are messy and not fun to deal with. Beer Timer is just the application you need to avoid that.

Not all beer are sold the same way. Some are sold in bottles while others ship in cans. Some are big while others are small in size. Beer Timer can keep track of your cans and bottles. Just choose the type of beer that you are planning to have and its size and beer timer does the rest for you. Beer Timer will alert you at the right moment to take your beer out of your freezer.

Beer Timer assumes that your beer is at 70 degrees and your freezer gets close to 0 degrees. You also want to get your beer type right to avoid any mess. The app itself is pretty simple to use and does what it promises. It can save you money and effort.

Rating: 9/10


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