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Brain Blaze

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Whether you are preparing to take your SAT exam or intend to get a masters degree, you are going to have to know your vocabulary inside and out. GRE and SAT will challenge your vocabulary knowledge in ways you have never experienced. Preparing for those exams will help you handle those tough questions much more easily. Brain Blaze is a handy exam preparation app that helps you improve in this area and be more than ready for your exams.

Brain Blaze has over 600 adjectives, nouns, and verbs from GRE and SAT exam preparation books. Not all these words are of the same difficulty level, so you won’t get cup-cake questions with this app. Multiple-choice flash-cards are a great way to quickly test yourself on the go.

The app’s color-coded gird keeps track of your progress. Brain Blaze supports up to 6 profiles, so you and your family members can all try this app on the same device. Brain Blaze is not the only tool you should use to prepare for your exam. But it does help you measure where you are as far as your GRE/SAT preparation goes. It’s easy to use and does what it promises.

Rating: 8.3/10

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