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Business Card Reader

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A lot of people who are active in the networking circuits understand the importance of exchanging business cards and following up with people who they meet in these events. But if you are a super networker or just meet a lot of people, keeping track of those business cards can get out of hands. But you won’t have to worry about that if you have Business Card Reader on your iPhone. It’s a cool app that recognizes business cards and lets you store the contact information of those you meet easily.

Business Card Reader gives a whole new meaning to grabbing someone’s contact information. All you have to do is set your business cards straight on a flat surface and take a picture of them with your iPhone. The app does the rest. It will automatically recognize the information and stores them on your iPhone.

You obviously want to give the app the opportunity to analyze the best pictures possible. So don’t forget about lighting and all the basics. All in all, I was very impressed with the performance of this app. It does what it promises to do as long as you take pictures that it can analyze. You always want to check the results to make sure everything’s accurate. But it’s a time saver and makes managing contacts much easier.

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