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Chess960 Generator for iPhone

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Chess has been around for ages. It is not everyone’s favorite board game but can challenge your brain and make you sharper. Chess is difficult as it is. You are going to have even more challenging experiences if you try Fischer Random Chess. Chess960 Generator for iPhone is just the app you need to generate board configurations for Chess960.


Chess960 Generator allows you to generate board configurations for Fischer Random Chess. You can view the position ID for each board. Don’t know a whole lot about what it takes to play this type of chess? Chess960 Generator has you covered. The app also gives you the option to see castling positions You may not be able to play the game in this app but it does make looking up board configurations easy.


Chess960 Generator covers the rules and board positions for Fischer Random Chess. It has a simple but good looking design. This could prove helpful for those of you serious about playing Chess960.


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