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Control Your Dreams

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We all dream on a nightly basis. Many of us don’t even remember our dreams. Those of us who do want to have a way to control it at times. Lucid dreaming is not a new concept. Researchers have been studying this concept for quite some time. It is all about remaining aware while you enter your dream. Control Your Dreams is an interesting application that aims to help you get more out of your dreams.

Control Your Dreams aims to help you achieve the state of awareness in your dream. It will wake you up at a phase in your sleep cycle when you are more likely to go back to sleep and experience lucid dreaming. The app does allow you to set your alarm and choose ticking and vibration settings to give you options.

Our team tried this app for a few nights already. I personally do not remember any of my dreams, so it has taken me a bit of time to get used to the concept behind this application. After about a week of use, I did experience a vivid dream (quite rare for me). Whether that is lucid dreaming is another story. I am confident people will have different dream experiences with this app. Control Your Dreams is so easy to use anyone can try it.

If you are interested in the concept of lucid dreaming and want a tool to help you get there, Control Your Dreams is worth checking out. It might take your dreams to the next level.


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