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The days of people having to convert units by hand are over. While calculators make it easy to convert units, not all of them actually do the conversion for you. One has to remember those conversion rates when using a regular calculator. Not so with Convertbot for iPhone. It’s an attractive unit converter that converts currency, length, mass, and much more. It can handle mixed units too, which sets this app apart from other solutions on the market.

ConvertBot has a very intuitive interface. You can easily go through unit types in this app and find the ones that apply to your situation. ConvertBot can handle mixed units too (e.g. feet + inch). It means you can use two units (of similar type) as your input.

ConvertBot covers over 440 different units. It gives you the option to keep your currency rates up-to-date at all times. You also get to choose which units you want to enable and use on a consistent basis. Entering data couldn’t be easier.

To sum things up, Convertbot is a very attractive unit converter that is fun to use and does what it promises. A very helpful solution for anyone working with different kinds of units all the time.

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