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In a perfect world, we all would be using the same units for temperature, weight, length, pressure, and everything in between. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Those who are involved in technical fields have to convert between units all the time. Having a decent unit converter can help these folks get their job done faster (and with less potential errors). Convex is a gorgeous iPhone app that makes converting units a piece of cake.

Convex is designed strategically to make performing conversions fast and easy. It uses natural language processing to save you time. The app supports hundreds of conversion units and has a pretty impressive natural language engine. It covers angle, area, speed, temperature, pressure, power, and a whole lot more units.

Convex has a graphical interface that makes using this app more fun. It has over 20 types of conversion categories and should be more than enough for science students and those who deal with technical problems on a daily basis. It certainly beats having to deal with a calculator to convert units.

Rating: 9/10


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