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Couch to 5k

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One does not have to wait for a specific day or season to focus on getting fit. The sooner you get started with your fitness program, the better your body will be off in the long run. Exercising without a plan won’t get you too far. Those of us who want to lose weight need to eat right and exercise on a consistent basis. Couch to 5k is a cool system that gets your body ready for a 3.1 miles run after 9 weeks of training.

Couch to 5k provides you with a workout plan you can follow to slowly but surely get your body ready for fairly lengthy runs. It includes 20/30 minute workouts at different paces. C25K also accounts for your warmup and cool-down periods.

Couch to 5k keeps track of your workouts as you complete each session. It provides you with audio cues to keep you on track with your workout. The program does take 9 weeks to complete but you can start at any point (good for those who are already fit).

I found Couch to 5k to be very user friendly. The program and instructions in this app are pretty easy to follow. It works with Nike+ too. It would be nice if one could upgrade to longer distances from within this app though.

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