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Color blindness can be awfully frustrating. There is generally no cure for this problem, and it does limit those who suffer from severe cases of it (let’s just say you will have problems being a web designer or an artist if you have it). DanKam does not promise to fix color blindness. But it is an exciting, experimental augmented reality app that may help you better manage your condition.

DanKam is designed to help those who have trouble telling colors apart get a cleaner signal and improve their condition. It has a number of filters to play with. Since this app is experimental, the developer has given users a lot of freedom to change things around and find the setting that works for them. DanKam gives its users multiple sources to choose from (including front- camera, back camera, and photos from your image library).

As someone who is colorblind, I did find DanKam to be useful. It is not the cure that I have been waiting for, but it is the next best thing.  It was quite interesting to be able to tell colors apart by playing with DanKam’s filters. Its augmented reality view is a big plus too.

If you are suffering from color blindness and need a tool to tackle your condition at home and on the go, DanKam can help. It is based on a wonderful concept and can be a life saver depending on your condition. It has a lot of potential too. Let’s hope the developer keeps up with the good work.

Rating: 8.7/10

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