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Studying the planets in our solar system can keep those interested in the field of astronomy busy for a few life times. But scientists are craving to learn even more about our universe by discovering more solar systems, stars, and exoplanets. Many new exoplanets have been discovered in the past couple few years. Exoplanet is an exciting application that provides you with a daily updated database of extrasolar planets on your iPhone.

As of June 2011, over 500 exoplanets have been identified by the Kepler mission. Exoplanet for iPhone provides you with more information on some of these objects. It includes images, 3D plots, and animations to give users a better understanding of these objects. If you are too obsessed with exoplanets, you can rely on push notifications within this tool to get notified about the newly discovered objects.

Exoplanet is a wonderful tool to get you started with your research about these objects. It contains links to thousands of publications to save you time. Background information and detection methods are covered too. The sky chart feature, which displays the position of the planets in your sky is pretty neat.

One does not have to be a student in astronomy to appreciate Exoplanet. It truly puts things in perspective and gives you a glimpse of the vastness of our universe. Will we ever find life on one of these planets? That is something to be excited about.

Rating: 9/10

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