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If you have owned a small business or lived a hectic life in the past, you have probably gotten overwhelmed with everything going on in your financial life. It is so easy to lose track of those small transactions and little by little go off track with your budget. Applications such as Expenditure let you keep track of your expenses and categorize them to save you time and keep you on the right track.

Expenditure is designed for those who want to become more organized when it comes to managing their finances. It has a straight-forward interface and lets users enter their transactions and categorize them easily. It accepts transactions in other currencies and converts them for you too.

What’s nice about Expenditure is the fact that it allows enhanced transaction entries. Users can attach their notes and photos to each item for better tracking. Users can always add their own categories to get more out of Expenditure.

Those of you who are struggling to keep up with your expenses and want to have an easy to use tool to keep track of them for you are going to enjoy Expenditure. It does need some work though. One can argue this app is too simple. Adding some charts and graphs would not hurt either. Nevertheless, Expenditure have some potential.

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