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Family Tracker

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Have you ever been in a situation where you have wanted to track your other family members and see where they are? Maybe you just want to ping them. That’s exactly what Family Tracker offers. It’s a very handy application that can get you and your family out of sticky spots and save you time on the road. As long as the parties you intend to track has an iPhone, pinging them is super easy with Family Tracker.

Family Tracker, which can run in the background, can keep track of your family members at all times. Tracking can be done using this app or a web browser. When you ping someone with this app, they receive a push notification, alerting them that you are looking for them. Once they acknowledge your message, their position will be updated on your map. If the other party does not acknowledge your notification, they’ll receive a bunch more. The fact that the app does not need your phone number to operate is nice (uses your e-mail for notifications).

Family Tracker can be very useful if you want to keep track of your kids or have a way to reach out to a family member in trouble. Since the app uses your device’s GPS functionality, it can drain your battery faster (though there is a special mode to address this issue). Overall, it’s a very useful app for tracking others.

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