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Losing weight and becoming fit is not just about having the right diet or exercising yourself to death everyday. There needs to be a balance between the amount of calories to take in and those that you burn everyday. A lot of people want to just lose weight when they should be focusing on making their lifestyle more healthy. FitClick Diet & Workout Tracker is a powerful tool that lets you keep track of your calories, stick with your diet plan, and stay on the right track with your workouts each and everyday.

FitClick is more than just an app. It lets you connect with an online portal and share and gain access to your data no matter where you are. It can count the number of calories to take in each day. FitClick can keep track of nutrients in thousands of foods. It does offer what you need to stay on your diet on a daily basis. You can use the portal behind this app to find friends and join weight loss groups (if you have trouble doing it solo).

FitClick can not only keep track of your exercises, it enables you to develop your own custom plans. Over 800 exercises are covered in this app. It even has instructions and videos for exercise routines to teach you how to do them the right way.

I found FitClick’s interface straightforward. Creating and following your custom diet or exercise plans is very easy. Charts, calculators, and all other tools available in this app and FitClick portal can be helpful too. This app won’t lose your weight for you, but it does provide you with the tools to make the process easier for you.

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