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GetFitMap for iPhone

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Becoming a fit person is not as easy as some make it to be. There are no pills or shortcuts you can take to suddenly transform your body into a rock-hard one. It takes hard work and dedication to stay fit and improve your current fitness level. GetFitMap for iPhone is a cool tool that can help you along the way. It provides users with a set of workouts to push their body and improve their fitness.

GetFitMap has something for everyone. It essentially turns your phone into a circuit trainer. It provides you with visual representation of each workout to give you a better idea what you will be challenging yourself with. Audio tips includes are pretty useful. The goal of this training program is to make your body well-rounded. So you will be challenged with easy and challenging workouts along the way (cardio, strength training, and much more).

You do get to choose your level before getting started with this program. Once you have warmed up, you will be ready to take on more challenging exercises. GetFitMap has a database of 300+ exercises, so it does not get old fast. Training with GetFitMap is not going to be always easy. But it can make your body more well-rounded. The app is free at the time of this writing.

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