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In Your Dreams

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All of us have had those deep dreams in our lifetimes. Scientists still can’t truly explain why we dream and whether our dreams have meanings. In Your Dreams is an iPhone application designed for those who believe their dreams are a message from their unconscious. It has information on sleep symbols and can help dreamers put some connections together between the symbols they have seen in their dream.

In Your Dreams has a journal for dreamers to keep track of their dreams. It’s too easy to forget about some of the dreams you may have had. In Your Dreams’ journal you can keep track of dream symbols and their meanings. In Your Dreams also has an in-depth symbol guide to give users more information about specific symbols and their meanings (in various cultures).

In Your Dreams has a decent look and feel. I like the fact that the app tries to help its users gain a better understanding of what they have seen. The companion e-book has a ton of useful information for beginners.

If you are interested in finding out what your dreams may mean, In Your Dreams can help. It includes a ton of useful information on sleep symbols and their meanings. It’s a pretty affordable application for what it offers.

What’s your favorite dream app for iPhone?

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