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Is It Contagious?

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Becoming a parent is a lot of fun. It is an enlightening experience that never gets old to matter how many children you have. The school period for your children has its own challenges. You are not only have to keep an eye on your children’s performance in school, you should also beware of illnesses they bring home. Is It Contagious? is a handy tool that gives parents more information about illnesses that affect kids and ways to treat or prevent them.

Keeping your child illness free during in school years can be quite challenging. Many parents send their ill children to school for one reason or another. That would make your life as a parent more tricky. Is It Contagious? helps you figure out ways to prevent and treat conditions that affect children. It covers symptoms and contagiousness for them too.

Is It Contagious? tells you when to seek immediate care for a certain condition. The information is explained in an easy-to-understand fashion. Parents can look up conditions by medical and street name. This app does not provide you with medical advice but does teach you what you need to know about common children illnesses. It is offered for free at the time of this writing.

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