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Meet iSpine. A powerful 3D application designed for the students of anatomy and pathology. Whether you are a student of human anatomy, a medical professional, or a patient looking to find more information about your situation, iSpine has something for you. This app is developed with spine care professionals in mind. It has a ton of information and videos on anatomy, movement, and muscles in the spine area and can serve as a great education tool for patients and a handy reference for the pros.

iSpine has an easy to use interface. It has lots of movies (some short and some a couple of minutes long) that show how the spine area works and can give patients ideas on how they can go about protecting their body and reducing stress on their problem areas.

Some other topics covered in this app are:

  • information on discs, nerves, facet joints, and much more
  • how certain parts work and what the correct posture is.
  • what roles muscles play in this area of the body
  • ways you can sit, stand, lift, and do physical activities without putting too much pressure on problem areas.

This is obviously a very complex topic, so it’s nice to have an app that has a ton of information organized and ready for consumption. iSpine can be a life saver for professionals. Having the ability to demonstrate how things work to a patient and what things they need to pay attention to is a huge plus for the pros. The videos and animations are smooth and high quality and the provided notes are helpful too.

iSpine shows the true potential of iPhone as a transformative device. Sure, it’s fun to play games and watch fun videos on an iPhone. But the professionals can get a lot of value out of their phone know. iSpine proves just that.

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