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Nobody likes to waste food. In these tough times, it does not make sense financially (or in any other way) to keep wasting food. Unfortunately, many of us end up doing that by buying things and not consuming them in time. Milk is not the only thing that can get spoiled. Keeping an eye on the things you have already bought and their expiration date can help you waste less food and save some money in the process. That’s what iSpoil is for.

iSpoil allows users to keep track of everything they have bought and their expiration dates. It alerts them when their food is about to reach its expiration date. iSpoil does not do the job automatically. In other words, there is no way to, let’s say, scan a food and capture its expiration date. Nevertheless, the app does make it easy to add, remove, and modify items.

iSpoil supports shopping lists. It does let users search for foods by name. The interface is decent enough to save you some time when entering your food items. It would be nice to have a way to capture expiration dates using iPhone’s camera. iSpoil is based on a neat idea and can help you reduce food waste in your home. But thanks to iPhone and its capabilities, iSpoil could be a whole lot better.

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