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Layar Reality Browser

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Augmented reality applications are hitting the iTunes app store hard and often. In case you are not familiar with the concept, augmented reality apps put a whole new layer on your reality and help you go about your life in a more convenient fashion (by taking advantage of your iPhone to find information easily on the go). Layar Reality Browser is one of those apps that puts a digital layer of information on the real world and helps you find your point of interest on your iPhone more easily.

So here is how the app works. The layers in this app help you look through your camera screen and find all kinds of information about things alll around you. Whether you are looking for houses for sale, bars, shopping places, or restaurants, Layar reveals it all. As you turn your iPhone around, the information is updated. Based on the layer that you have chosen, various POIs show up on your screen. You will have the option to interact with them as well. The app uses your compass and GPS to determine your location and the direction your iPhone is facing.

The app is certainly interesting and one of the better augmented reality apps available for iPhone. The execution should have been better, and the app does need a bit of work to reach its full potential. It’s still one of the best augmented apps around. But it will be surely be better with future updates. If you are curious about how augmented reality apps work, Layar is worth a try.

Rating: 7.2/10

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