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LensPick for iPhone

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Becoming a great photographers is not something you can accomplish overnight. It is true that we have many sophisticated cameras that could improve your ability to take decent photos dramatically. But you still need to know a thing or two about the art of photography to capture quality work. Knowing how to work your lenses is important too. Not all lenses work for every situation. LensPick for iPhone is a neat application that gives you a better idea which lens you should use for your photos.

With the LensPick app, you can quickly see how your lenses will work if you were to take a photo with them. It is great for planning out your photos as well. It also helps newbies perfect their visual understanding and lens skills. The app uses your phone’s camera, so there are some limitations. You can see full and crop views easily. The UI does not have too many bells and whistles and makes the process of experimenting with different lenses easy.

LensPick is not perfect but it could help beginner photographers find out which lenses to try for each photo opportunity. Since this is the first version, we are excited to see what other features the developers will add to this in the future.

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