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There are many kids who don’t enjoy tackling math problems. You could make the case that schools make math boring these days. But it can be a lot of fun if it is taught the right way. Knowing how to do calculations quickly and learning super neat tricks can be exciting. Besides, math is good for brain. Mathemagics is a fun iPhone application that teaches you all kinds of math tricks and helps you exercise the muscles that matter the most. By the time you are finished with this app (and all the add-ons you can get purchase for it, you are going to be a walking calculator or something close to it).

Whether you are planning to take a math test or just want to speed up your calculations, knowing some tricks can help you out. I learned my first math trick years ago  (squaring numbers that end with 5). You’d be surprised to see how many similar tricks are out there. Mathemagics teaches you various math tricks and acts as a brain teaser as well. You’ll not only be faster with your calculations but also sharper.

Some of the tricks that you can learn are displayed in the above screens-shot (we won’t spoil the tricks for you). A few of these tricks may look simple on the paper, but you would be surprised how they can improve your performance when taking an exam or solving a math problem under pressure. It is certainly gratifying to have the ability to calculate things without needing a calculator every single time.

Mathematics has a lot of potential. It does have some of the best math tricks around (you can purchase more from Mathemagics store). I do love to see even more tricks (very hard ones) added to this program. The practice questions give you an easy way to master what you have learned, with related lesson only a touch away. Tougher multiple choice questions would make this app even better (not being able to cheat by going through choices would be great). All in all, a great math tricks application for any math lover.

Rating: 8.5/10

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