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MealMonkey for iPhone

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So you want to lose the extra weight you have been carrying in a while and become fit? You are going to have to watch what you eat and exercise often. Many of us simply don’t pay attention to how the foods we eat affect our health. MealMonkey is an exciting tool that gives you an easy way to track how healthy your meals are while you are on the go.

MealMonkey is not about counting the calories in your food. That could be a tedious process anyway. This tool takes a different approach. It lets you rate your food and keeps track of how healthy your foods have been over time. MealMonkey lets you track your progress by mealtime. It also has useful tips on healthy eating and snacks you may want to add to your diet.

MealMonkey has reminders so you won’t forget to rate your meals. The user interface is decent and the tips included could teach you a thing or two about healthy eating. I still prefer apps that can count calories. But MealMoneky might work for some of you. The idea certainly has potential.

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