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Memory for iPhone

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iPhone may be fancy looking and quite compact. But beneath it all, the device is still a computer. Sure, it is a very compact computer with a mobile operating system on-board. But you still get to run processes and consume memory on your device. Memory for iPhone is a cool utility that acts as a system manager for your device.

Just like your computer, your iPhone can become quite slow if you use too much resources on it. If your storage is almost full or if you have a rogue program that captures a lot of memory on your device, you are going to find your experience on your device painful. Memory for iPhone provides you with useful information on your phone’s resources and health. It shows you how much memory you have left, what processes are running, and how much free memory you have left.

Memory for iPhone is pretty simple to use and can be quite handy if you want to debug your phone and find out what could be wrong with it. It is like having an alt+ctrl+del option available on your phone.

Rating: 8.7/10

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