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MotionX-24/7 for iPhone

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Your iPhone is more than capable of keeping track of your workouts, activities, and even sleep. We have covered a number of activity trackers and sleep monitors here in the past. MotionX-24/7 for iPhone happens to be another decent activity tracker. It tracks the steps you take, analyzes your sleep cycles, and even has an intelligent alarm clock to wake up on time.


MotionX 24/7 records snoring and other background noises while you sleep. It visualizes your sleep to help you get a better idea about your sleep patterns. The alarm clock wakes you up at the optimal time. 24/7 can also serve as your heart rate monitor. It uses your phone’s camera to detect the pulse. Lastly, you can simply use this application as an activity tracker.  It tracks your daily steps and calories burned. 24/7 alerts you when you have been idle for too long.

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MotionX-24/7 has a clean design and helps you better keep an eye on your health and sleep patterns. Just make sure you follow the instructions to get the best results possible.

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