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I don’t know what it is about geography that gives people trouble these days. Some people are better than others in remembering geographic information (rivers, mountains, monuments around the world). But there are also a considerable number of people who can’t name all the 50 states without looking them up. placeSpotting is a fun application that helps you educate yourself in this area and have fun in the process.

placeSpotting is not really a geography app. But it’s a quiz app that lets you test your knowledge by guessing what the photos in this app are all about. The app does give you hints, so you are not on your own. placeSpotting comes with 15 thousands quizzes, so you’ll be a master of locations before you are done with this app.

The app can be very entertaining (and educational) if you are into geography. I like the fact that you can add your own quizzes and tease your friends with it. You can use your own location or use the map function to choose the place you want to test your friends. on. Very fun app to play with, especially if you are into sightseeing.

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