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Becoming an audio engineer or musician is not as straight forward as some assume. We all love music. But in order to become a musician or an audio artist, one needs to be trained in many areas. Ear training should definitely be part of your program. Not everyone is born with amazing listening and frequency recognition skills. Quiztones is a powerful tool that can improve your skills in those areas.

Quiztones is developed to help aspiring musicians and audio engineers improve their listening and tone recognition skills. The training exercises cover tones, noises, drums, guitars, and much more. Quiztones has a very clean interface and is easy to get started with. Those of you who have already practiced with this app for long enough may want to consider investing in the premium pack for this application.

If you find yourself mixing audio and dealing with frequencies on a daily basis, you can use Quiztones to sharpen your skills and improve the quality of your work. It won’t make you a music genius. But it provides you with basic ear training to take your game to another level.

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