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Google Reader is the best RSS reader on the market. Whether you have 10 RSS feeds to keep track of or thousands of them, Google Reader is more than capable of handling the job. iPhone owners have plenty of apps to choose from in order to access their Google Reader feeds on their iPhone. Readlines is a Google Reader application for iPhone that lets you keep up with your favorite feeds in a random fashion (perfect for docks).

Readlines has a very simple to use interface. In order to take advantage of it, you are going to need a free Google Reader account. The app randomly chooses and displays items that you have not read already. The headlines are displayed in an easy to read fashion, making it possible to just dock your iPhone and keep up with the news.

Readlines has multiple backgrounds and does sync with your Google Reader account on a periodic basis. So you will continue getting the latest news throughout your day.

Readlines may not be super fancy as a Google Reader app, but it should work for those in need of an app that can help them keep up with the news on their docked iPhone.

Rating: 8.7/10

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