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RingShuffle for iPhone

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Giving up your real phone number everytime you need to do something is not a smart idea. Let’s say you would like to sell a used item you have in your home or sign up for a trial service. Having a temporary phone number to use in those situations can be quite useful. RingShuffle is a service for iPhone that lets you choose a temporary phone number and connect it to your permanent number.

RingShuffle can create temporary phone numbers for you to use fast. You can choose any area code for your phone number. Once the phone number you have chosen outlives its usefulness, you can shuffle it and get rid of it. Numbers you get from this tool only last 7 days anyway. RingShuffle shows you when your numbers expire. All you have to do is set up an account to use it.

There are a few others services you can use to create temporary numbers (e.g. Google Voice). But RingShuffle is fairly easy to use and saves you time coming up with new phone numbers to give out to strangers.

Rating: 8.7/10

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