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Straight to Voicemail

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Have you ever wanted to call someone without having to talk to them? Maybe you have that colleague who can’t stop talking when you call him/her. Maybe you just want to call in sick and don’t want to talk to your boss. We have all had those moments. The magic of voicemail makes it possible to get around the issue and make those phone calls without having to talk with those folks live. Straight to Voicemail is an innovative iPhone application that makes sure you always get the voicemail of the contact you are calling.

Sounds magical? It’s not magic. Actually, Slydial has been around for a while, and that’s what this app is built around. Once you call your contact using this app, you’ll hear a short ad and some beeps before getting connected to your contact’s voicemail. You can then leave a message without having to worry about someone picking up the phone.

The app performs as you would expect to. You still need a 10 digit number to make your calls, and you need to have the right settings on your iPhone ( please read the instructions). But the service works as promised.  Straight to Voicemail is quite simple to use and has a lot of potential. I am sure you won’t be using it for all your calls, but once in a while, this app could get you unstuck.

Rating: 7.9/10

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