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TripLingo Spanish Essentials

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Do you plan to take a trip to Mexico or any other Spanish speaking country? If you would like to get around in those countries, you may want to invest some time into learning some Spanish. You may not be able to become a master in Spanish in a few weeks or months. But you can learn enough to get yourself unstuck when traveling. TripLingo Spanish Essentials is a powerful language training system that helps you improve your Spanish fast.

TripLingo Spanish Essentials has a super attractive interface. That alone makes you want to try this app again and again. It covers over 1000 phrases and 4000 audio files to get you familiar with the language. This version is designed specifically for those of you who plan to take a trip to Mexico.

The app has multiple modes. The learning mode gets you familiar with phrases, their pronunciations, and cultural information related to that phrase. TripLingo does get you familiar with slangs too. The flashcard feature allows you to put emphasis on areas that you have trouble with. Trip Lingo offers a cool dictionary and a word bank to teach you a bit about the local culture.

You won’t need an Internet connection to get this app to work. It is quite dynamic and can gain you a better understanding for the Spanish language and the way it is spoken in Mexico. A good alternative to software kits such as Rosetta Stone’s products.


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