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TUI Stopper

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Planning to attend a crazy party or social event? Some of us end up drinking more than we should in some of these events. It is too easy to make bad calls when under a bit of influence. If you intend to have a few drinks at your party, you may as well take steps to keep yourself from calling or texting people under influence. TUI Stopper is a neat tool for that purpose.

TUI Stopper gives its users the chance to hid their contacts for a specific period of time. Don’t want to call a specific group of people? Just choose them as the contacts you do not want to have access to on your phone when you are drunk. The emergency unhide button could come handy in certain situations.

TUI Stopper is based on a very neat concept. The developers claim the app removes/adds contacts when used, which makes us a bit nervous. Nonetheless, TUI Stopper may save you from the embarrassment of calling a colleague or an ex when you are under influence.


easy to usenot foolproof

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