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If you are a TV junkie like myself, you properly have a dozen of shows that you follow on an hourly basis. I watch them all. Science, sports, Japanese animation, you name it. But sometimes keeping track of all these shows can be difficult. Now, if you’ve got Tivo, you can record your favorite shows, but I can barely catch up with what’s already on TV, so recording them to watch them later hasn’t worked for me so well. That’s why I love TV Shows for the iPhone. It allows me to track all kinds of shows right on my phone.

The application displays information regarding episodes that were broadcast last night, or that will air today or tomorrow. It tells you the name of each episode plus the season number to help you figure out if you are watching the right season. It also shows you the broadcasting station, which is still helpful even if you follow International channels.


The application allows you to personalize your list, so you follow only the shows that you are interested in. All you have do is use the search engine available on TV Shows App to search through more than 1000 shows are available in the database! You need an internet connection when you add a show. But once you’ve added the show, the data is stored in the iPhone’s internal memory and you can then use the application without any internet connection.

The potential for this application is huge. I’d like to see more international shows added to the DB, but if you live in the U.S., you should be fine with the American shows. The downside to this app is the fact that you can’t actually watch the shows here. And while I can appreciate a good TV programming management tool such as this, I would be even more inclined to recommend this if the content is provided with this app as well.

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