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Ugly Meter

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Have you ever wondered how ugly or beautiful you are? Most of us don’t have the time to dwell on that. But it never hurts to have an app to tell you where you stack up as far as your looks are concerned. Ugly Meter is a fun app that can tell you just that. It grades your ugliness and tells you about your ugliness like it is.

Ugly Meter is pretty simple to use. Just take your picture and let the program analyze your face structure. Scoring 10 in this test is not something you want to happen. Winning this test with flying colors means you are probably ugly as hell.

A few people have complained this app as being too harsh. Some may argue that it can be used for cyber bullying. In reality, this is an entertaining app that you can take advantage to have fun with friends and colleagues. The results are not scientific or anything like that. So do not expect Ugly Meter to actually provide you with an accurate number.

Ugly Meter is not a scientific application and is not designed to actually measure your ugliness. It’s just a fun app that can entertain you and your friends. It can probably improved in the punch lines that it delivers.

Rating: 7.9/10

P.S. so how ugly are you?

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