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Wolfram Stars Reference App

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There is a big difference between watching stars and planets in the sky for fun and actually knowing what you are doing. If you are planning to take a course or two in astronomy, you should be prepared to learn about star calculations and properties. Wolfram Stars Reference App is a nice little app that provides you with useful data on thousands of objects and helps you approach astronomy in a more technical fashion.

The Wolfram Stars Reference App covers real-time data for over 100k stars. It computes your favorite star’s position and shows you when it will rise next. Stars are sorted into groups for your convenience. This tool contains a lot of useful information on stars such as their properties, magnitude, spectral class, temperature, mass, and a whole lot more. Stefan–Boltzmann law, Wien’s displacement law, and other advanced astronomical calculations are supported too.

Wolfram Stars Reference App may be an overkill for many amateur astronomers. But it has more than enough data to help you with your star calculations and teach you a bit more about this field. At $0.99, this is well worth checking out for students in this field.

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