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Signal for iPhone: Private Messenger

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Everyone is worried about their privacy these days. Even though the NSA has been spying on everyone for years, people are now realizing how vulnerable they are. Encryption can help you keep your conversations private. Of course, not all encryption apps and tools are hackproof. Nevertheless, you are going to have more protection when relying on a decent encryption tool for your messages. Signal happens to be an app that provides end to end encryption for your calls.


The goal of this app is to secure your conversations so you can reduce the chances of someone listening to your conversations. Your calls will be encrypted end to end, but you will still be able to make your phone calls without any issues. You can use WiFi or your data plan to complete your calls. Of course, you don’t want to just trust any app that throws around the magic word “encryption.” The good news is the app is open source, so you can audit the code and find issues with it.


The app uses your regular phone number to send and receive calls. You don’t need to get a new number or a fancy tool to help you make a phone call. As far as encryption goes, you need both sides to use encryption for the messages to stay private. But the app did work for us fine when we tested it. You can try it for free.

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