6 Top Backgammon Apps for iPhone w/ Video

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I don’t know about you but I am a huge fan of backgammon. It’s one of the coolest board games that you get to play. It may not be as complicated as Chess, but it’s just as fun. Thankfully, there are a few apps to choose from to play this cool board game on your iPhone.

Here are some of the best backgammon iPhone applications we have tested:

Backgammon NJ: one of the best backgammon apps we have tested. It is super good looking and tough to beat. This app can serve as a great learning tool too.

Backgammon Gold: a good looking game with 2 board designs and 2 game variations. It provides support for GameCenter & OpenFeint. Works fine on the iPad too.

Backgammon HD: want to play Backgammon online? This app is what you need. It lets you challenge your friends or go against random opponents.

FaceMe Backgammon: another backgammon game you can play against your friends. It has decent looks. It tracks your statistics. You can play over WiFi and Bluetooth too.


Backgammon Touch: Backgammon Touch is a work in progress but a decent backgammon app indeed. The graphics and animation are decent. Game stats are provided too.


Backgammon Premium: gives you two ways to play online. You get background match making and move assistance. Extensive game stats are provided too.

What’s your favorite backgammon app for iPhone?

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  • Instead of just listing the apps, how about some reviews? I’d love a great backgammon app, but need more than links and screenshots.

  • That’s fair. We do reviews here all the time. I’ll make sure to write a few reviews on backgammon apps. After reviewing over 20 backgammon apps, I’ve got to say you are going to find it difficult to find a very good one. This list contains the apps that are decent but there are no “perfect” backgammon apps for iPhone.

  • Yeah, I’ve been getting that feeling. Tried a couple of the lite apps and they were horrid. I love backgammon, too.

  • Jeff

    I’m used to bglightce 0.95 beta for pocketpc which cheats like crazy and is tough to beat. I need a challenge and want something equally difficult, but without the cheating part. Any suggestions?

  • Edindahouse

    Backgammon NJ seems to be a very strong app, well designed, easy to use and a good player.

    • LLMMAA

      it cheats

    • setch

      yes, totally cheats!

  • Luke

    You mention that it is difficult to find a good backgammon app for iPhone.

    What is it they could do better/what do you want in a Backgammon app?

    • @Luke. The ones that I tried, I could beat easily. I also felt a lot of them had all kinds of glitches (hence not worth owning). Now we added that piece a while ago, so an update may be in order.

  • Morgy

    I’ve been using Backgammon Premium, it’s okay. I beat it on the hard setting 8 out of 10 times, and I’m not a vastly experienced player, so I reckon a more advanced backgammoner would beat it easily. The other annoying thing is there is no “Turn Complete” button, which means, unless you’re lightening fast, there’s no way to ‘undo’ a wrongly uninterpreted move on the second/fourth die, which has caused me to shout “TW*T” on more than one occassion. However As far as I can tell it’s the best of a bad bunch!

  • Bob

    When you download an app like backgammon does playing the game use data time or is it on the phone like it would be on a computer?

    • I am not quite getting your question Bob. Can you elaborate?

  • You may want to try "Backgammon by George". If you act fast, you can get a promo code from Touch Arcade forum (and a free copy) here

    Four levels of difficulty, and AI will not move until you tap AI's dice (can UNDO until you roll opponent's dice).

  • Neil Simonsen

    I down loaded back gammon deluxe on my i phone 4 did the game go to my phone or am I playing on web air time. It does indicate it is loading the game opens in seconds ?

    • Cyrus

      if you played against the AI, I wouldn't believe so.

  • Neil Simonsen

    I down loaded an app for backgammon deluxe by ensena soft Im I play the game through my i phone or am I useing net air time ?

  • Simon

    Does anyone know of a game where you can play against friends over the 3G network like the Scrabble type game Words With Friends?

    • Cyrus

      I assume you are talking about a backgammon game? I know you can use OpenTable to play over iPhone. I'll do some digging.

  • Chris

    It seems like when you set the app to difficult mode that means the ai will roll three times as many doubles and more perfect rolls than normal. I hate playing against such bullshit

  • Nat

    Try ‘it’s you turn’ free app. You can play all sorts of games, including backgammon, with people across the world.

    If u like the app then search for it’s website online to upgrade to a version with more game play.

  • Will

    Nj backgammon cheats. It clearly knows upcoming rolls.

    • Cyrus

      I have wondered about the same thing but you can clearly see the rolls ahead of time. I don't know what to think. The developer told me multiple times it does not. But yes. I am a bit suspicious.

      • Puzznic

        Sorry guys but as a seasoned backgammon player with numerous tournament wins to my credit I have to say that "cheating bots" is always the cry of weaker players

        • Cyrus

          Oh no you didn't 🙂

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  • No, your backgammon is bs compared to Masters of Backgammon. They've got everything. I recommend.

    [youtube p4Vpe_5RFug youtube]

  • Tornadomart

    Include masters of backgammon as well. I think they even have a free version.

  • Backgammon is Superb Game to Play with iPhone, Thanks For your Auspicious writeup.

  • Jon

    I do not think NJ cheats. It is possible to play even with it, also on top level. I find it ok, though I miss some analyze of my play after the game (only useful if you play with no hints)

    • almoni

      If you play at the top level the dice favors NJ at least 2:1

  • Backgammon Masters fo rthe win!

  • I do not think NJ cheats. It is possible to play even with it, also on top level

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