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Flight Control

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In the past few months, I have the privilege of reviewing hundreds of iPhone applications. But if you look at the apps that have dominated the iTunes charts, fun apps with simple concepts are always rewarded by the iPhone community. Flight Control is another one of those fun games that is based on a simple concept, but it’s so much fun that you wouldn’t want to put down your handheld.

Flight Control gives you completely control over LA’s air space. Your goal is to land aircraft without any incidents. It sounds easy, but as you keep going, the game gets real tough. The graphics are impressive, and the game is fun. You can also listen to music and play the game at the same time (I recommend Alternative).


You get 4 different aircract including helicopters. The controls are very intuitve, and it’s hard to get enough of this app. It would be nice to see multiplayer capability added to this app, but the game is already so much fun. If you are looking for a fun little game to relieve your stress, Flight Control may be one to go with.

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