5 Self-Defense iPhone Apps

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Learning how to defend yourself when attacked is very important. It empowers you and gives you peace of mind in any situation. Nobody is born with self-defense skills. But there are plenty of martial arts and techniques you can learn to defend yourself properly against attackers. Here are 5 self-defense apps that teach you how to do just that:


Jiu Streetsu: provides you with 68 techniques against attacks from all kinds of positions. You are provided with step by step instructions, photos, and videos.


iBJJ: BJJ is a great martial art to learn and master. It can help you become fit and dangerous in self-defense. This app covers a few useful BJJ techniques.

boxing trainer

Boxing Trainer: you don’t need me to tell you why knowing how to box could get you out of trouble. This app covers stretches, punch combinations, and custom boxing workouts.

street fighting

Street Fighting Tips: covers 10 techniques you can use to get yourself out of trouble. Does not replace formal MMA training but does give you an idea how to defend yourself.


Martial Arts College: learning MMA is fun and gratifying. Apps like this help you learn different techniques to take your game to the next level. The app contains over 100 video lessons to get you started.

These apps won’t turn you into a street ninja. But they show you a few techniques, so you can better defend yourself. You should still try some formal MMA training to get the best results.

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