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Japanese is a fun language to learn, but it can be quite foreign to those of us who have spent all our lives in the west. Going from English to French is one thing. Going all the way from English to Japanese can be a challenge. Not when you can have Human Japanese. Human Japanese is an innovative learning tool for anyone interested in picking up Japanese as fast as possible. It teaches you the concepts and vocabulary you need to master to hold your own in Japanese.

Human Japanese is more than just a simple language tool for students. It goes beyond the basics and sets the foundation for those who want to become serious about mastering the Japanese language. Think of it this way: there is a difference between knowing a few foreign words or understanding basic phrases and knowing how a language actually works. Human Japanese helps you get a better sense for the latter.

For starters, Human Japanese shows you how Hiragana and Katakana characters are done. It has thousand of words and phrases and a dictionary of all the words used in its content. The app does have plenty of games and quizzes to keep you on your toes.

Human Japanese has plenty of content to help you master the Japanese language as much as you can. It won’t make a natural speaker out of you nor will it make you a poet. But it does give you enough information to start delving deeper into this language without too much trouble.

Rating: 8.6/10

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