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SAT Vocab Genius

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I am not a big fan of tests such as SAT, GRE, or GMAT. But students have to take them at some point, depending on the school they are trying to get into. Passing these exams with flying colors does not necessary mean that someone is a genius. In fact, everyone can get a decent score in these tests with proper training and enough practice.

SAT Vocab Genius is a powerful vocabulary tool that gets students ready for that part of the SAT test. It uses repetition to help you master the areas that you are having trouble with. This app is based on a flash-card approach. It gauges your knowledge of words and repeats them to optimize your learning experience.

SAT Vocab Genius includes 1400 flash cards covering some of the most common words students will have to know for their SAT test. It also covers prefixes, suffixes, and roots to improve your word identification skills. As you work your way through this app, the words you have trouble with are repeated so you can master them.

This tool does require your cooperation. You need to tell it how well you know the words you go through. That way it can do a better job optimizing your learning sessions. It provides you with ongoing statistics and feedback to track your progress. Want to look for a specific flash card? Just use the search feature.

If you are preparing to take your SAT test but have trouble mastering the vocabulary part of the test, SAT Vocab Genius could push you to the next level.

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