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Brain Fit

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Brain buster games are one of the most popular category of games on iPhone. These games are not only highly addictive, but they also help keep your mind sharp. Brain Fit is another one of those puzzle games that can keep you entertained for hours and get your mind sharper. I remember playing similar puzzles when I was a bit younger, but some of these puzzles on Brain Fit can be quite challenging. Brain Fit comes with 90 levels of play (3 levels). You get to start from beginner’s level, but the medium and advanced puzzles are more challenging. The first 50 or so puzzles are pretty straight forward, but I got to a certain point where I had to try for multiple times to solve some of those advanced puzzles. I guess the music in the background helped me not get too much frustrated.


Overall, I liked playing with Brain Fit especially early in the morning. If you are anything like me and wake up 5 AM in the morning everyday, you are going to enjoy the brain boost that Brain Fit can give you every single day. It doesn’t replace coffee but it’s does kick start my brain. If you are into puzzles, you are going to love Brain Fit.

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